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What's the long-term revenue plan for Fixable's recurring transactions such as maintenance or seasonal checkups?

Dan Spinosa

Co-founder & CEO at Fixable

Materials and supplies and tools are an obvious one. If we can tell you, "Here's what you need for the project; you've got that buy now button. It all shows up Friday. You're ready to work on Saturday,” then everyone's happy. We don't need to do all the fulfillment ourselves—we can start off using a Home Depot API. We get 5% or 6% commission on that, and that's great. 

We can possibly white-label certain products that we fulfill ourselves, especially on seasonal stuff, whether it's pest control or lawn care or winterizing or whatever, and then make better margins on those projects. 

Key not just to revenue but the rest of the business generally is seasonality. That's a lot of where we're going to be exploring additional software, even for free and just to keep you engaged as a user.

For example, let’s say winter's coming. We know you have a sprinkler system in the yard, and we can remind you to winterize it. We can share our three top videos on winterizing your system. If something happens, like the water's not draining or you don't have antifreeze, you can quickly jump on with a Fixable pro and get a consultation there. 

That, I think, would be really big and really help everybody who owns a home, especially for new homeowners, because there are so many things you don't realize until you go through a full winter.

We also were looking at the home-buying and living and selling journeys as potential places to plug Fixable into the conscious behaviors of homeowners. If you're doing an inspection or doing due diligence or thinking about buying a home, where can we snap in and provide services and insight? 

We jokingly refer to this thing called the “Uncle Bill Effect”, which is having almost like on-call, 24/7 access to someone that you trust to answer problems and provide guidance and make you feel empowered.

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