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What SaaS investments and marketing efforts should cost-conscious brands make to reduce dependence on paid acquisition and reduce CAC?

Brian Whalley

Co-founder at Wonderment

They should look at doing a couple of things. 

First, think about how you can save money. Negotiate with your vendors, be upfront, and tell them what you're looking for. Everyone’s making plans around how to deal, preserve customers, keep them happy, and be successful and productive. That ability to negotiate with vendors will be key. There will be a lot more flexibility as people try to see where things shake out.

Second, in the context of where to invest in your tech stacks, you must examine every phase of the customer journey, understand the customer touchpoints, and know what you’re doing to talk to them better. 

This post-purchase experience is what we're targeting primarily at Wonderment. It’s an area of the journey where it's a black box for the merchant and consumer because the merchant doesn’t own their shipping data today. We can enable better communication about what's happening so that both are happier and more successful. And then, we can layer in other experiences based on whether it’s going well or poorly. That’s just been way under-addressed until relatively recently.

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