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What makes college campuses an attractive market for ultra-fast delivery and why did Duffl choose to target this market?

David Lin

Co-founder & CEO at Duffl

Good question. I think the reason a lot of these players are emerging from Europe and Southeast Asia and they're growing very quickly is because of their population and transport density. There are so many people living in close-knit communities, it financially justifies the existence of the dark store on every corner.

Now America is obviously not like European countries. It's very spread out. There are areas wheire there are maybe five houses in a mile. But college campuses are different. So even compared to the largest metropolitan cities, like New York has 27,000 per square mile or something like that, UCLA at its peak has 80,000 people in a half-mile radius at all times.

That population density allows for higher labor efficiency. And obviously, college students are always hanging out and talking to each other, so there’s a lot of virality and cheap customer acquisition. 

So I believe in a world where every single player is going to be going after real estate and cheaper COGs through direct procurement and vertical integration – all else being equal, it's going to come down to the labor cost and the acquisition cost that makes the difference.

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