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What is the market opportunity that Duffl is pursuing and why did the founders decide to build a startup in this area?

David Lin

Co-founder & CEO at Duffl

Duffl is a 10-minute delivery service for college students. We deliver snacks, drinks, and groceries. The reason I started it was because I had an existential crisis in college, studying philosophy, and realized I didn't want to pursue a traditional career path.

I remember sitting on Janss Steps at UCLA and literally thinking about ants and just contemplating how every single ant has a role in the colony, and I was wondering what my role was. Based on my personality, it became very clear I'm a founder at heart, so it was just a matter of finding something to start. 

I created a list of startup ideas. The second one was this electric scooter delivery system that was inspired by Bird Scooters because we were the first campus they dropped. I built a scrappy Weebly website, linked it up with a Google sheet, and the rest is history. Got into YC a year later, and that's when it became real, and we just raised $12 million, so off to the races.

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