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What is Duffl's vision for delivering fintech services to college students through Zap and how has the company prepared to achieve that goal?

David Lin

Co-founder & CEO at Duffl

We're exploring a proprietary partnership to enable credit for our community through the app. We've also thought about Web3 a lot, but I wouldn't say it's our focus—again, we have limited resources and limited time as a company, and we are going to be really good at what we do, which is delivering what you want in 10 minutes. That sounds like a simple value proposition, but it requires a lot of infrastructure. 

I mentioned Duffl was the second idea on my list of ideas. The first was actually a fintech idea. As a founder, I have an affinity to fintech, and I've thought about it a lot, but for the next two to three years, I don't think it'll be a focus. At a high level, though, I think students need more access to capital, they need more liquidity, and they can benefit from a centralized wallet from which they buy everything.

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