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What is Duffl's strategy for partnering with and competing against local universities and small businesses in the ultrafast delivery market?

David Lin

Co-founder & CEO at Duffl

A truly enlightened university board would replace their store with a Duffl store, but I think that would take a lot of convincing, obviously. In terms of local small business, it is true. In Westwood, for example, the 7-Eleven closed. The local vape shop is struggling. We bought the local convenience store and liquor store.

On some level, I can say we support local businesses in the sense that we've 10Xed the fruit truck’s revenue or enabled this student to sell and grow her brand of cookies. On another level, yeah, we’re replacing local retail with a better alternative. We don't ride horses anymore. That's a part of reality. I don't think people will be worse off because there are more dark stores. I think they'll get to spend less time packing groceries and more time doing what they love. As a net, it's a benefit.

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