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What is Duffl's advertising strategy, and does the company plan to launch an advertising platform in the future?

David Lin

Co-founder & CEO at Duffl

In terms of Act II for the company, I think the ad route is very promising. Obviously, there are other companies that have done it before and done it successfully. CPG Brands has huge marketing budgets, and our demographic is a very valuable one from their perspective. We understand the entire journey from freshman to senior year, and we develop such strong loyalty and brand recognition with the student. 

And if – what I described earlier with the personalization – it really works, and they start trusting us as their de facto source or the friend who recommends to you the next snack you're going to love, then we're talking something totally different. But I think strategically right now, I'm more inclined to say we’ll use the data to improve our product internally. 

Someday we might use it as an alternative revenue stream. But there are a lot of potential Act IIs for the company. There's a social play here, given that we're in colleges, that really taps into virality. There’s a franchise play here, given that we've made the software and the store's so easy to replicate. And the ad platform idea is one we’ll consider seriously as well. 

But again, I think the key is first to become the trusted source. Basically, how Costco has Costco samples, we should be doing strategic samples to the point where we know what the next snack you're going to love is before you know it. And it just happens to be in your bag for free and you try it, and then next time you come back, you want to get it.

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