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What is Airplane's long-term adoption strategy: company-wide use or high-per-seat costs for engineering cases?

Ravi Parikh

Co-founder & CEO at Airplane

More of the former than the latter. 

In our top accounts, of which we have quite a few that now fit this pattern, we get basically wall-to-wall adoption. These are tech companies. Other types of companies might be a little bit different. But in a typical tech company, we get close to wall-to-wall adoption from every team except maybe G&A or marketing.

Then, everyone on the eng team has an account, both because they need to build stuff in Airplane, but also because they have these DevOps-y type things, these on-call runbooks, and scripts, they need to run. People on the product team have to do feature flagging stuff in Airplane. So, it's pretty wide. We'll have 200 person companies with like 140 seats; that kind of thing. Our best accounts fall into that pattern.

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