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What are the ways to measure conversion rates and how does Klarna affect them?


Former Klarna merchant partner

Retailers can split the sales between those that Klarna has helped and the ones where they didn’t.

Lifestyle shops, where they're selling the items that are $500 - 600, might look at it at a single SKU level; whereas someone like ASOS or H&M might look at it on a total bag level.

So retailers might say, has Klarna driven conversion on bags of X percent above the other thing they might look at too? What does it do for repeat purchases? How likely if you integrate with Klarna, that Customer would come back and buy again?

I guess the final aspect that you might look at is whether or not Klarna improves the sell-through rates at a higher margin. Let's say the denim jacket I'm wearing right now gets launched on June 1st and if it doesn't get sold or go into markdown in September, retailers might look at the ability for Klarna to sell items when they're full price, versus, having to put them into markdown.

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