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How will Fixable leverage its service providers' knowledge and expertise to offer education and useful insights to customers?

Dan Spinosa

Co-founder & CEO at Fixable

That's going to be a big part of this.

One of the problems with YouTube videos is that they're trying to make money. They really want to sell ads and they want you to come back for more. They're not really trying to solve your problem so much. 

We can have our pros, and we can give them the tools, and we can put out a lot of content that's very specific: like, here's the difference between a claw hammer or a ball-peen hammer. Here's how you use the two. Here's the job for that. There are lots of content opportunities there. 

There are also DIY influencers that I think would be awesome to work with. If you've got someone who does something incredible, like penny tiling on a bathroom floor—that's great. I want to do that in my bathroom, and I also want to talk to that guy that just did it on TikTok. That could be a very cool inbound source for us as well.

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