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How does Fixable manage its relationship with unions, and minimize the risk of possible negative impact with these groups?

Dan Spinosa

Co-founder & CEO at Fixable

They don't look at us yet, but it's a good question. It's also not just unions, but the municipalities, the planners, the permitting offices, the inspectors, the cities. They're all going to have an opinion and a view on us. We'll be under the radar for a little bit, of course.

However, the inspectors actually love when homeowners do things—because homeowners tend to do them well. When you have a handyman or a contractor come in, a lot of them rush it. They try to get it done quickly. They try to get it done cheaply. Inspectors are coming in with more of a harsh eye. 

There's a chance for us to work with some of these larger groups, and, actually, be preferred vendors—working with the unions, making sure that guys are still getting the licenses they need, still doing the proper work, still being approved by states or cities and municipalities. If we do that, we can become part of their education cycle. They can train their apprentices with some of the older guys, and that could potentially happen through Fixable. 

At this point, it's very early. We’re not having in-depth conversations, but it's something worth thinking about. We don't have to come in like Uber and just come in guns blazing and fighting everybody.

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