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Who is the target buyer for Runway's AI-powered video editing and ML technology?

Cristóbal Valenzuela

Co-founder & CEO at Runway

More and more companies are realizing the need to make and produce video.  An area of recent special interest for us has been small businesses. Being able to build consistent narratives is extremely important for a lot of businesses to reach their audiences and clients. Their business depends on it. The truth is that video converts much better than any other format when it comes to customer engagement.

The obvious question then, is how do you create good content? How do you create professional video without necessarily having to engage with an agency or a professional studio to make it? Most importantly, how can you keep making new content on a daily basis. Hiring a production house or an agency might yield a video a month with a high cost. And that’s not only true for ads and creative videos. If you need to edit a webinar or an interview to post on social media, the process of engaging with an editor might be too expensive and lengthy to even consider it in the first place. You need video and you need it fast. Which explains why video continues to see strong tailwinds as a large number of customers across segments consistently rank video among the most important creative mediums to invest in and work in the future.

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