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What's Runway's GTM strategy given major competitors like Adobe that already offer video editing tools like Premiere within a bundle?

Cristóbal Valenzuela

Co-founder & CEO at Runway

The Creative Cloud serves a very different audience and customer base from the one Canva is serving. I think Adobe has been trying to get more into that market with products like Rush and their recent release of Creative Cloud Express. But considering video editing as a commodity, it's just not enough to build a video engine. It's a very saturated market. So you're going to win either by investing a lot in marketing, SEO, and or sales or by developing a significantly better product to leapfrog the incumbents. – I'm a believer that developing a consistent strategy to always build great products is at the core of what makes a company’s long-term success consistent. Everything else follows that. The thing is that building a great product is hard. Continuously building great products is harder. But we like to solve hard problems. 

Runway helps professional video editors make their videos faster. CBS uses Runway to dramatically improve their editing times and YouTubers use Runway to edit their videos. Our go-to-market is heavily focused on keeping that product motion and product focus as a central part of the growth of the business and continue helping that wide spectrum of customers make better videos.

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