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What motivates engineers to adopt Retool and how does its usage expand over time?


Ex-Retool employee

The beautiful thing about Retool’s business is that the need for internal tools arises exactly when a new application hits the wild. It’s rare that you’d say, "Well, we're a little too early for a tool like this," especially with the free plan. 

Usually, the moment you have some production data running through your systems, you're going to need to start working with that data. 

Early on, engineers can get around this—it’s rare that a 10-person startup would have a nice, organized admin panel, like 

Instead, there'll just be a script that gathers the monthly invoices or a script that pulls users and revenue for the month, and they'll just run it, and maybe they'll create a very simple internal UI for it. 

Pretty much, though, Retool is relevant from day one. Not enterprise Retool—but the basic, free, cloud Retool is definitely relevant from day one.

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