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What makes Winvesta's investment account offering unique, compared to similar offerings launched in India by competitors such as Groww and IndMoney?

Swastik Nigam

Founder & CEO at Winvesta

It is a hot market, but I also think it's going to get commoditized very quickly. And that's one of those reasons why investing broadly in people's lives till today is a feature, even with domestic investments. So now we are taking it one degree further to say not just domestic, but international investments as well. So that's a fairly easy, quick plugin for those which are unique to us.

Our expectation is always that this will be fairly commoditized in the longer run, and where we are looking to really build value is by virtue of providing the multi-currency account as the core banking solution and then provide multiple products around that, including the US stock investment accounts and so on.

We see that this is at a very early stage for India and Indians. So the US stock investment, stays a constant and very important part of it. We have a great fascination for real estate in urban India, and I think people will start discovering global real estate as a next asset class as well. I think that will be a constant trend too.

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