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What makes Figma better than Adobe for company-wide use?

Matthew Moore

Head of Design at Lime


Matthew: Let's look at different roles. So the CEO of Lime, would he use Figma? He might go in there to look at some important product feature that we're working on, but would he actually move from a viewer to an editor state? I don't see that right now, but I could see it if Figma had a compelling presentation software or an expression of the Figma core that works really well for someone who is familiar with Google Slides to create presentations. I think it would need to be better in some real way than Google Slides. It's easy to see the advantage of Figma versus Sketch going from a single-player world to multiplayer world, but Google Slides already has that. That's the challenge.

It seems like that's the next area that Figma could go and experiment in, almost like a Google Docs or Office 365 competitor. I just don't know what advantage they would bring to the table. I don't think anyone would disagree that G Suite doesn't feel like the most loved product at Google, even though it seems like it makes them money and I know I've used it extensively for many years and a lot of companies do. But there might be an opportunity for Figma to focus on that space and get some people to pry off, almost like what Dropbox was trying to do with paper and did not succeed with. It's risky. It's going to be interesting to see how it shakes out in the next few years with them trying to grow.

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