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What is Winvesta's current go-to-market strategy, and how do they reach out to different customer segments?

Swastik Nigam

Founder & CEO at Winvesta

We've got a reasonable client base from just the traditional methods like digital marketing, but we also started a slightly B2B2C approach. We've got wealth managers that we work with. Those wealth managers provide our products to their end clients, helping them add value to their client portfolios, and add value themselves as our partners. 

Based on the product, we've got differentiated GTM strategies. So I think the business banking product, which is for the exporters, is a very complex problem to solve, and we want to keep understanding the client better before we would pull in a large number of intermediaries to move this model into a different way. While on the retail side, we’ll keep adding newer and newer products as well, but I think distribution will eventually move more from a B2B2C side, especially for a bit more specialist product creator like ourselves.

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