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What is the sign-up process for Anja Health's stem cell preservation service, and what are the associated costs?

Kathryn Cross

Co-founder & CEO at Anja Health

We send parents a kit and they bring that with them to birth. They can then use that kit to collect their umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and also the placenta. They use all the materials in our kit to do so, and then afterwards, they can call us, and then we will pick it up and bring it to our lab.

As far as price, it depends on what they choose to do between the three options of cord blood, cord tissue, and the placenta. They can choose one, two, or three of those, and that range is $35, $65, or $85 a month.

We then do manual processing in our lab, which in the case of really low cord blood volumes, is able to maximize stem cell count by up to twenty-five percent. We're also more affordable, plus we're able to automate most of the front end in order to be tech-empowered and have affordable prices. Our community is a great value add as well, so a lot of people are able to feel like they can be a part of something when they move forward with us.

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