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What is the problem that Alloy is solving, and how does its platform address the needs of its target market?

Sara Du

Co-founder & CEO at Alloy

We had pretty humble beginnings - I'm an engineer, my co-founder's an engineer, and we met through open source. Alloy was a side project we started working on in late 2019 because we thought it’d be cool to get more people into automation. Our goal was for even the most nontechnical people to be able to use Alloy to build 30-step automation workflows, instead of the typical 2-step or 3-step data sync flows. 

As you can see from our Product Hunt launch, we actually marketed several use cases at the beginning. It wasn’t until post-YC even, that we verticalized into ecommerce automation. It was serendipitous - everyone knows that ecommerce blew up due to the pandemic, and we were around at the right time for brands to recognize the need for integration across their growing tech stacks. 

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