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What is the margin profile for Runway's machine learning and video services and how does its pricing cater to different customers?

Cristóbal Valenzuela

Co-founder & CEO at Runway

One thing to really keep in mind is the long-term goal and vision of the company. Compute costs are decreasing dramatically and that will continue to be a trend for the foreseeable future. Storage costs are almost irrelevant. Hardware is getting better. Software is getting better. With better deployment on edge and improved inference infrastructure, compute costs will continue to decrease. We are investing in that future.

The second thing is spending time making sure you optimize for real-time feedback loops. We don't want to alienate our users and charge them for the infrastructure cost. I think that goes beyond our mission. We want to continue to have a strong position to make video editing accessible. It doesn't matter if you're going to create one video or if you are going to create 1,000 videos; it should be accessible and as easy as opening a Google Doc. Everything else comes after that. And so, that drives the conversations around pricing and infrastructure and cost for us.

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