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What is the customer profile, core use cases and the specific problem that Runway is solving through its technology?

Cristóbal Valenzuela

Co-founder & CEO at Runway

Today, every company is a media company. Companies of all sizes are in need of constant streams of content to build narratives, reach out to their audiences and markets. Yet creating content, and video more specifically, is extremely hard, complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. What we are solving is how to allow more companies and more creators to easily make videos. Help anyone tell the stories they want to tell, using simple but powerful tools. We are building the fastest video editing solution so you can make videos in the shortest amount of time possible.

Allowing people and companies to use video as a medium of communication is at the core of Runway. Make video editing an expressive medium anyone can reach. We're lowering the barriers to entry for content creation and making sure that the path of transforming an idea to a video is the shortest possible; without any kind of intermediate process, and if there are any processes, we can automate them with machine learning.

Our online video editing software is used by a diverse collection of companies and individuals, from independent creators, marketers, professional editors, students, teachers, and newcomers to the video space. Our users make all kinds of videos. From music videos, ads, TV shows, game reels, demos, VFX shots, and tutorials to interviews, webinars, and real estate clips. If everyone is becoming a media company you need content and our vision is to allow anyone who is in need of a professional video to effortlessly make it.

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