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What is the adoption rate of design software like Figma or Adobe XD in the design industry?

Matthew Moore

Head of Design at Lime

Matthew: I'm the design director at Lime, and it's about 35 to 40 Figma users right now. Designers actively working in Figma at Lime -- there's probably eight or nine of us. We're a pretty small team. Every designer, both products and brands design, uses Figma. It's our primary tool that we're using now. Anything else that we use is almost in support of the work that we're doing in Figma. There's lots of reasons for that, but the multiplayer capability and being able to work on files together from anywhere in the world and not have to deal with sending files -- sometimes maybe hundreds of megabytes or gigabytes -- to each other is just a game changer. It speeds up collaboration and makes work so much easier.

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