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What is Runway's approach to its video infrastructure stack, in terms of outsourcing versus building the core competencies in-house?

Cristóbal Valenzuela

Co-founder & CEO at Runway

Video is hard. Even more so when it involves running real-time inference over video frames. The Runway video stack is very unique. We think a lot about what needs to be outsourced versus what our core competencies are. The build versus buy discussion happens regularly. We tend to focus on what’s mission-critical for the business. There's a lot of time spent on things like UX, making sure our product is intuitive, and that users have a smooth onboarding. But a big core differentiator is our backend – the rendering system we’ve built. Our backend and models allow our customers to transform and change their videos in unique ways. A system that understands the pixel-level composition of your content and helps you edit those clips faster. Even if we wanted to buy this system, we couldn’t because it doesn’t exist outside of Runway. No one has ever built it before. Everything that's adjacent to that is something you might find as a service. A great product can combine different services and technologies to create value. We don’t have to invent how Kubernetes or Docker containers work. We tend to focus on core infrastructure that’s critical to the business.

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