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What is Appsmith's long-term vision for success, and where does it see itself in five years if everything goes according to plan?

Abhishek Nayak

Co-founder & CEO at Appsmith

Appsmith should have the world's largest collection of internal applications that anybody can use, fork, and get started working on. 

Instead of having to build from scratch, they're actually able to reuse other people's work. That's probably what success looks like—a whole “App Store” like marketplace just focused on business applications. Something like what only exists in the Salesforce ecosystem today.

If you're a small municipality in a small European city and you need certain tools, you either have to buy them from a large company like SAP and do a big adoption, or you have to build them from scratch. There is no middle ground.

There should be tools that you can just simply download and begin using for your business. That's something that should be possible and that's what success would look like for us.

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