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What gaps exist in knowledge and expectations among people in the birthing process that are important to address?

Kathryn Cross

Co-founder & CEO at Anja Health

There are all kinds of things, a lot of them relate to birth most immediately. One would be what to do with their umbilical cord and placenta. There are all sorts of ramifications within that part. A lot of people question whether they should do delayed cord clamping or how long they should leave the cord on before deciding to cut it, and what they should do with their placenta. There's all sorts of pseudoscience around the fact that you could potentially eat your placenta—things like that. 

A lot of people have these conceptions that you can take your placenta home and boil it and then basically eat it like a steak. It's not so great for you and could potentially lead to infection, and there's not really many demonstrated benefits. So within that realm alone, there are all kinds of questions that people usually have. We're trying to make sure that we can provide, not just information in general, but make people aware of misconceptions that are in the space. Even when it comes to the umbilical cord, there are misconceptions.I want to make sure that we can help people feel informed.

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