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What factors (such as regulation restrictions) contribute to Facebook and Google not being able to offer advertising solutions similar to

Andrew Yates

Co-founder & CEO at

Well, one answer is they do do it, within their own network. When you check that box to take your News Feed ad and go onto Instagram or Audience Network or Messenger or whatever, Facebook makes it look so easy. No. It's really hard. Facebook already has of, here's just a thing, and Facebook will figure out where it goes for you. Google, of course, has AdSense network and their own ad networks.

But I think the biggest difference between what our strategy and what Facebook, Google, and Amazon are doing is that these three are centralized. For Google, it's search: everything comes through search. For Facebook, it's user identity: everything is tied together by user identity. For Amazon, it's fulfillment. You go onto Amazon’s app, and then they own the fulfillment. That's why I use Amazon, because I know it will show up at my door. Other vendors? No.

For us, we are not centralized. We don't have some centralized identity. We don't have a centralized app. It's entirely decentralized. The advantage here is that apps can specialize in their own domain, their own vertical. If Facebook or Google or Amazon were directly to compete with us, then that would mean giving up the thing that makes them the most successful and the keystone of their entire strategy. They technically could do it. But culturally or economically, it wouldn't make any sense.

But in terms of technology offerings, TikTok provides their algorithm for a service. Amazon has their AWS Personalize, which they say is what they're using on their backend. I'm sure it's some version of it. They already are providing some of the basic tools. But would they build a competing media network that, one, directly competes with their successful model and, two, doesn't leverage any of their strategic assets in terms of that centralization? Nothing prevents them from doing that, but it doesn't make much sense for them to do that.

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