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What are the common objections raised by potential customers when considering Retool?


Ex-Retool employee

Yeah, there's always, "I could use the free plan for this."

A few others: a customer doesn’t want to write Javascript, Retool doesn’t have a component they want to use and they don’t want to build it from scratch, or a feature they want to use is too expensive. 

A really good example is deploying on-prem.

Arguably, the main reason why SDRs or AEs would have success in PLG outreach is because anyone at a large company who needs Retool needs to deploy on-prem, and you can't do that for a while without talking to a salesperson. 

A lot of people would be like, "I need to deploy on-prem because I have medical data or patient data. I don't want to pay you $200,000 a year just to do that. I can't afford that. We don't have that kind of money”. 

There's also the whole, "I don't want to trust this critical part of my business to an external tool or to a third party." There's, "I wish this was open source and it's not." Those were the main ones.

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