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What are Retool's strong and weak use cases?


Ex-Retool employee

There's a couple of things that Retool just doesn't support yet, which make it a deal breaker for some people. 

One example is any language other than Javascript. Retool doesn't support server-side Python or anything like that. That's a deal breaker for some teams. 

Anything with very highly custom UI work, like super intense animations or very, very custom flows and stuff—Retool’s UI builder gives you a little less flexibility than if you were writing code from scratch. 

Retool has a custom component thing but it’s not very good. The core component set is very, very good for those core 80% admin panel things, because these admin panels all kind of look the same—there’s a table, form, button, and some inputs—and there's really no reason for you to rebuild the wheel.

If you don't care really what the app looks like, Retool is just killer. It's so much faster and so much better than building it from scratch.

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