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Is the competition between Adobe and Figma for enterprise budgets or is the budget for design tools expanding altogether?

Matthew Moore

Head of Design at Lime

Matthew: I would say it's the latter. To me, Figma replaces parts of Creative Cloud, but it's not 100%. Figma does not have a Photoshop equivalent. If I want to edit some images, Figma is not the place to do that. Then there are video tools: Premiere, After Effects. Nothing that Figma is doing today comes anywhere close to what those tools could do. There are some animation capabilities with Figma, but it's more focused on clickable prototypes. So it's not one-to-one. For many use cases, Figma can replace a product like Illustrator, especially when it comes to software design and whatnot. But I don't think it's a replacement for anything other than XD. It's complementary.

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