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How might stem cell therapy evolve beyond preventive medicine, such as in longevity and cosmetics research?

Kathryn Cross

Co-founder & CEO at Anja Health

The TAM is really anyone who has a sick family member or becomes sick themselves. I'm super bullish on stem cell research and the space in general. I think Anja Health is the frontier of medicine. We're able to multiply treatment options in the future for parents. 

For instance, my boyfriend was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and I told him to look into cord blood stem cells. The issue is that you have to be on immunosuppressants if you take on donor stem cells, and his parents didn't bank his stem cells. He ultimately wasn’t able to find a donor, and even if he could, then he would've had to be on immunosuppressants, so that option was automatically eliminated from the treatment plan. 

In a world where everyone had their own cord blood stem cells banked, then they would be able to turn to it and use it as a potential option. That's why I see the TAM as just anyone who's sick.

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