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How might Runway change the way video production teams work together in the next five years, similar to Figma's impact on design collaboration?

Cristóbal Valenzuela

Co-founder & CEO at Runway

I think collaboration is at the heart of every creative endeavor. Great things are created in a collaborative environment. What Figma did exceptionally well was putting collaboration at the heart of the product value. Today, collaboration is not a good-to-have feature, it is table stakes. Is not a moat, it is a basic workflow you need to build. Is how modern teams get things done. 

For Runway, collaboration is at the center of the product. It is a must. What we're offering is a set of automation tools and creation tools that use AI in radically new ways. But we also offer teams the chance to iterate fast, to collaborate more conveniently. 

Runway is allowing professional teams to work together in ways that, beyond the AI components, were very hard to do a couple of years ago. That's the real promise of a new set of creative tools; they are accessible, fast, web-first, and collaborative.

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