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Does Winvesta see itself as a direct competitor to Remitly or Deel, which also offer remittance services?

Swastik Nigam

Founder & CEO at Winvesta

We are not scarce for competitors across the world in multiple verticals.

While we don't have a singular positioning in the minds of some of our customers, what we do have is that at least when a customer comes on, he or she should recognize that there's a lot more value that I can add rather than just one product. And so the long term cost will stay the same whereas long term value that we keep unlocking is a lot more, even from a very early stage for some of our customers.

We see that. But the challenge of the other side, which a lot of fintechs tend to do is just do one thing and just focus on one segment for at least the first few years of their lives, is that when you try to add product through that, you don't get identified as being a default that I can also use, even if you might have an account with them.

That's where we see a slightly different tact to the way we want to build a business as being a diversified BFSI from our early days, multiple products for one client, one product for multiple clients from our very early days.

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