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Can AI improve the customer experience of working with a bookkeeper, or is phone support still important?

Alex Lee

Co-founder & CEO at Truewind

I think it depends on how our users ultimately evolve. So to your point, local mom and pop stores and SMBs, they're going to want to know who their bookkeeper is, because the bookkeepers are touching something that is very, very near and dear to their heart, their money.

You go to a venture-backed startup, they care a little bit, I'd say they care a lot less. They're happy working with a Pilot, or a Zeni, Truewind, any of us without a particular individual or face at a company because they trust technology, they trust product, etc. And the question becomes, ‘will the local, small mom and pop business follow in that way, where they become okay with not knowing who their bookkeeper is?’ I don't know the answer to that question. When I think about Truewind, we want to be prepared for both.

We offer this whole package like many other companies do. But let's say they want to continue working with their local bookkeeper. That's also okay with us because, at the end of the day, our vision is to build software that bookkeepers, accountants, and finance professionals can use.

When I think about where we want to go, we want to start off at the foundation of accounting and finance, which is the journal entry. We start there, we capture a journal entry, then get into accounting, and financial statements, and then the controller work, financial analysis, financial modeling, M&A, corp dev, the entire finance stack.

For us, it's about, ‘how do we keep building out that finance stack?’ So we give tools to the people who ultimately want to use it. Many of our customers don't want to deal with another bookkeeper, great, let us be that. And our software makes us 100X more efficient. But if you want to keep using a bookkeeper, that's okay, too. You can also use our software, priced a little bit differently, because it'll make your bookkeeper 100X more efficient and also happier.

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