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What sets Bond apart from other issuer processors and BaaS platforms?

Roy Ng

Co-founder & CEO at Bond

Roy: We call Bond an embedded finance platform. Embedded finance means that any software company, any technology company, can take what we call "primitives" via APIs and SDKs to incorporate those tools in order to offer banking products. There are three pillars to our products. One is accounts, which is basically bank accounts, the DDA accounts. The second is cards: credit cards, debit cards, consumer and commercial. The third piece is money movement: ACH and bill pay, wires, etc. Those three buckets of capabilities are what we offer to our brand customers.

What we see as the biggest thing that's happening in fintech right now is, not only is there more innovation coming out from fintech -- like from the neobank standpoint, different kinds of digital-only banking services for specific segments of the population -- but also vertical enterprise software becoming a bigger and bigger delivery mechanism, a financial services product. That's why we built Bond.

When you talk about what differentiates Bond, a big part of it is that we're built enterprise-grade, meaning we are an agnostic platform that works with multiple bank partners and with different kinds of technology vendors, in order to create a stack that is flexible and can grow with various of our customers. A customer might want to start with a debit product and over time grow into a credit product or a lending product. You could do that on our platform end-to-end. It's not like, "Look, here's a stack that is just really for this product. Here's another stack for another product." We really help with the entire life cycle of our brand customers.

Another really big part of the differentiation is our team. I think enterprise skills mean that we have an enterprise-level team that understands how to do these things at scale. We recently announced a new chief product officer, Helcio Nobre. He was chief product officer at Rapyd, which is a fairly large fintech as a service. He joined us a few months ago. We also brought on a new chief sales officer, Laura Kane, who came to us from Quadpay. Before that, she was the head of enterprise sales at PayPal for North America. And we also have a new GC, Sandrine Cousquer-Okasmaa, who used to run the legal function for Goldman Sachs' embedded finance-like business. Brian Chevalier-Jordan, who heads up marketing, used to be the CMO for SoFi's student loan refinance business, which is SoFi's largest business. We've been able to attract probably the best talent in the industry.

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