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What is the total headcount across all unicorns?

Looking for the total number of unicorn employees

Jan-Erik Asplund

Co-Founder at Sacra

Our estimates put the number of employees at venture-backed firms valued at more than $1B at about 528,000.


In our analysis, the United States had by far the most unicorn employees at around 261,741, followed by India, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and France.

To get our estimates, we pulled LinkedIn current employee counts for a list of 1,102 venture-backed startups from CB Insights data.

174 of the unicorns in our list didn’t have employee counts available—of those, 97 were based in China and 41 were based in the United States. In these cases, we made estimates of their employee counts based on the employee counts of similarly-valued unicorns.