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What is the supply-side integration strategy and cost model for Bond's payment platform?

Roy Ng

Co-founder & CEO at Bond

Roy: I'll talk about Bond, and I'm not going to comment on other folks. We're an aggregator of demand, in terms of, "Hey, look, we have X number of customers. We could bring volumes to all of the players that we work with." So be it the sponsor banks or the technology vendors that we work with, we could drive a lot more volume to them when we are aggregating multiple customers, versus if you are a brand or a customer that wants to build it yourself, you would have to integrate and engage with every single one of those pieces and you're not going to get the economies of scale as if you use a platform like Bond. That's how, as volumes go up on our customer side, we could drive more and more cost savings back to our customers because the aggregate power of our customers enables us to deliver the best possible cost to our customers.

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