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What is the average transaction volume for Finix's typical customer?

Jareau Wadé

Founder at Batch Processing

It really varies. Finix works with startups to publicly traded companies, and that's exactly the point. Like I mentioned before, we have customers who want to make this movement in the future. They work with us when they have tens of thousands of dollars of volume per month, and we have clients who are doing a billion plus. That's what is unique about our platform: that we can technically and operationally support that full life cycle.

The other thing I would say is, we can offer two business models to go along with that, to support you wherever you are. Under one scenario -- and it depends on the client and their situation -- we will offer a standard transaction take rate, so we might get a couple basis points on top of cost. Then in another model, we will just charge a SaaS fee, a monthly recurring charge that doesn't scale as a percentage of volume. So there are two models that we can go to market with depending on the needs of the customer.

I've mentioned this progression, where we have a customer who grows over time. We're also seeing a lot of movement in the other way, where there are large companies doing hundreds of millions to billions of dollars of volume a year, and there might be some reason -- maybe it's a new initiative or new venture -- that they want to go a more lightweight route. Or they're deciding that they want to optimize for speed and becoming a payment facilitator; we make it a lot easier, but they still have to go through the underwriting process with the underlying sponsor bank. They'll work with Finix on one of our other models to get to market faster and then, knowing that they have that continuity of the same system and that the tokens are all stored in the same place, they feel comfortable working between these two different models as they see fit, even if they're already at scale to potentially justify the investment in becoming a payment facilitator themselves.

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