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What is Lunchbox and who is the target audience that it resonates with the most?

Hadi Rashid

Co-founder at Lunchbox

I'll go back to that story of when Bareburger asked us, "Hey! Can you do this instead of LevelUp?" The first product we built was an app called Loyalty. Then, we reached out to integrate with the work provider and there were some challenges there, mostly just politics. 

Bareburger also asked, "Can you do the web platform?" We said, "We don't.” But that team had obviously worked together before and they said, "Yeah, I think we could do something like that." That’s how we ended up building the web platform and we had the web app Loyalty, as well. 

Our next client, 16 Handles, saw it and they adopted the product. 

Then, Sticky’s came to us on day one to cater and get marketing. What Lunchbox eventually became was this collection of ecommerce tools that helps you understand your guest data better and reach out to them. 

At a high level, what Lunchbox does is, we power your app web ordering experiences combined with loyalty and marketing to help you engage those customers.

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