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What is Lithic's team culture and what advice can be given for someone to succeed in this culture?

Nikil Konduru

GTM Strategy at Lithic

In my mind, we probably have one of the friendliest workplace cultures in Fintech right now. Our weekly standup meetings are always a perfect balance of debriefs, memes, and CTAs (with some riffing in the chats). I think it stems from the very top. David, Bo and Jason, who started the company back in 2014, have that rare combination of being face-meltingly smart while also being down-to-earth. It really helps set the culture for the org. We’re all out here doing our best work but not taking ourselves more seriously than needed.

To a friend or new colleague, I’d recommend bringing their whole self to work. We’ve built a pretty great neighborhood around here and you really do get back what you put into it, tenfold.

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