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What are the key factors that influence audience growth and monetization timeline for beginner creators in the creator economy market?


Creator economy marketer and co-founder

Guest: I think it depends on the individual creator. There are a few things that might make it easier for someone to monetize more quickly.

But in general, I think the way that people can start is by having a unique perspective on something. Once you have that unique perspective, that unlocks things like the ability to create content.

For example, for the newsletter creators, something that I see, typically people will start from their unique perspective on a certain industry or a trend. And they'll start by aggregating content around that industry. And that aggregation is oftentimes the first step. Before they'll do native content creation themselves.

Because there will be a few people who are getting value through that content being in a single place, and oftentimes that will turn into a word of mouth sharing at a small level. 

That is a common pattern that will lead to organic growth. 

And then from that, I would say there are several different ways that people can grow even quicker. One of the ways that you see happening most, I would say is people who have a large social media audience will often just be directing that audience to this new channel or this new content format that they're working on.

So the challenge there is, how do I get this engaged audience in one platform, perhaps Twitter, onto my newsletter. 

For those people who already have large existing audiences. I would say it's easier for them to think about monetizing because they've already built up trust with people over time. What those people are paying for oftentimes is not just the individual pieces of content, but the promise that that person will continue to produce content. That promise is easier for one to make if they already have a longer-term standing relationship with people.

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