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What are Podia's video use cases, and how is video integrated into their product for user interaction?

Len Markidan

COO at Podia

Len: There's very little core video technology that we want to build directly into the product. We integrate for everything. Zoom has over 1,000 engineers working on this problem that is a core but limited part of our broader offering. We're not building video tech here. We're focusing on the big tech wins that make it easier for creators to start selling scale. 

For video hosting, that means choosing a secure, stable, and powerful video platform that we can make natively available to our creators through API. For streaming, it basically means the same thing, but we're letting users bring platforms that they're already using and that are part of their existing workflows into Podia, and making it more seamless and adding value on top of what they would be able to get just using those platforms on their own. 

The reality is that we're far better off outsourcing that core engineering work to platforms that are focused on solving the video problems, so that we can solve all the problems surrounding the video that the creator's trying to sell.

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