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What are Instamojo's growth goals and how will it scale to become a two-sided marketplace like Shopify?

Sampad Swain

Co-founder & CEO at Instamojo

We provide that already.It's just very hush, hush. We started about a quarter ago. What we realized is there are things we're really good at and there are things we won't be good at. But there are people who are really good at these other things. Our forte is not to help tens of thousands of merchants advertise, but there are agents and agencies and freelancers who are great at doing it. What if I created a two-sided marketplace where if a merchant wants to advertise, with let's say, 50,000 rupee, and there's someone, as a developer or as a freelancer, who's an advertising whiz kid. They can connect on our marketplace and add value to each other.

So we are building an ecosystem, so as I said, 2.0 is all about the ecosystem. To bring third-party players, not just large platforms like Google and Facebook, but also to have small micro guys to come and basically help the merchant, do all the other things that you just mentioned, is the key. And we have already started taking inroads, though these are still very early days for us.

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