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How to create a sustainable platform for all creators, addressing the polarization between high-performing creators and those who struggle?


C-suite at creator economy company

Guest: That's a great question and it's a very important question because the reality is that I think some people talk about this as being the creator middle-class and it doesn't really exist. It's not being magnified and amplified and celebrated. 

Being seven figure creators is not the reality for most people and continuing to only shine a spotlight on these creators who are earning huge amounts of money not only creates an unrealistic picture of what most creators who see themselves as successful.

There are plenty of creators who are earning more than the household income in America. They see themselves as successful, but as an industry, we're not telling those success stories.

That needs to be amplified, that has to be shown for people to see that as possible because until we tell that story, new creators will be scared. New creators will be scared to even start because they see, what the industry sees the success stories and they think “that's not possible for me. That's unattainable for me”. 

We need to do a much better job of telling those stories of the people who are earning 40, 50, $60,000 a year, as a career.

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