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How technical is Calixa to setup/use?

Thomas Schiavone

Co-founder and CEO at Calixa

You sign up and you just link Segment, Salesforce, Intercom, Stripe, Zendesk, etc. There are all simple OAuth flows. We take care of the rest. It's pretty painless for users of all types.

If you want to use the data warehouse, it means that you likely need to involve someone with the right access. Oftentimes the person who's pulled in the warehouse could be a PM or sales op person. It's not hitting traditional engineering resources.

I've really been impressed with how data teams are really having the data and wanting to empower their counterparts. Rewind a decade in my career, and there would be frustrations when you're trying to have the engineering team enable the sales team, because they had so many responsibilities. The beautiful thing about the data team is it’s focused on its mission. It's empowering the organization with data. So they get excited that they can play their part in helping their counterparts in other parts of their organization, especially if you're willing to speak the languages that they speak. As long as you play nice with the stack of tools that they expect to be able to use, there are no objections there.

The hardest part is the initial onboarding. Once it gets set up, it doesn't require a super technical person to create the syncs. If you have an understanding of, "Here's what the columns are, and here's what they mean. Here's what they mean in the tool,” it's just a mapping exercise. I think the biggest lift, the hardest part, is actually just that connection. And that's not hard. It just like, "You might have to add some permissions to your BigQuery so that this thing can connect." Not a big deal.

Now with data teams, I feel like more than ever they have clearer partnerships with their counterparts because they have a very clear mission and mandate. It's pretty cool.

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