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How has the pick-up to delivery ratio at Lunchbox evolved in the past two years?

Hadi Rashid

Co-founder at Lunchbox

I would say pre-pandemic, we were about 62% or just a little more at $60. Pick up’s trending higher than 70% now. As long as we find ourselves in the situation, it's probably going to be a decade to remember. 

We went from a pandemic for about two or three years to what’s looking like a moderate winter. It's unreasonable to expect that even if we give them the best price, everybody has the disposable income to order delivery and pay those fees. Just with that in mind, people order pick up more since it's cheaper. There’s no delivery fee because even when we use one of these integration partners, we still have to charge a fee so the restaurant can’t end up paying that integration partner. That's paid by the customer.

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