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How does Synctera differentiate itself from competitors in the market, such as Bond, Unit and Treasury Prime?

Peter Hazlehurst

Co-founder & CEO at Synctera

I think some of the key value props that we offer to the fintech are really short time to market and a flexible set of banks with whom you sign a direct relationship. Unlike the other folks, where you sign a relationship with Bond or Synapse, at the endgame you're actually getting a relationship with a bank that you get to maintain over time. Both banks and fintechs that we talk to fundamentally want that, because when there's a question of fraud -- which there will always be -- or of compliance rules, having your own relationship with the bank, such that you can say, "Look, if we need to, we'll put another reserve account on file,” and it's not disintermediated by the platform that you're talking to, is a highly valuable thing.

I think we've done a really good job of getting the zeitgeist of developers, and that's being really quick to market. We're spending most of our time on helping developers build what they need to do. For example, we just launched this new program called Ground Control, which basically says, "Hey, fintech developer, you don't know anything about compliance. We know you don't know anything about compliance. Here's a team that's going to sit there and do it for you for the first three to six months. We'll give it to you. We’re not even going to charge you anything. But at the end of three months you've got to get out of the training wheels and move into managing it yourself." Same thing on operations.

Most fintechs that we want to work with, that we've been talking to, they really don't know anything about banking. What they know about is their community. What we want to surround them with is a go-to-market that helps them understand all of those things together in one go, because they will be more successful and they'll get better banking relationships if they don't screw up an ACH file that gets dropped off at the wrong time, things like that.

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