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How does Cross River position itself among BaaS market players?

Anthony Peculic

Head of Cards at Cross River Bank

We see ourselves as the center of it. Not a surprising answer, but it's true. 

All jokes aside, if you think about what banking as a service truly requires or needs in order for you to provide what you need, it does break down as the components I said earlier. 

It's basically account components of anything from checking and savings accounts to debit, credit, prepaid wallets, digital wallets, or anything of that sense. Then you have money movement aspects, what we call payments—real-time payments, push to cards, ACH, same-day ACH, the Fed now coming, all these other things that we're looking at and everybody's looking at.

It's providing the ability to move the money, and it's also providing the ability to lend, whether it be credit card balances or providing debt facilitation for that, and not to mention all the things you need on the back end to support all of that. 

Where we see ourselves is a mix of technology. 

We've built our own bank core for the specific purpose of ensuring you have a modern platform you can integrate easily with APIs. 

We’ve also added on additional products and services you need or will need to provide what you do because otherwise, you're going to have to look for that somewhere else.

The last piece, and one of the most critical, is compliance. Having a robust compliance program is a key part of this that keeps you out of trouble and ensures that you're building and thinking about the user experience in a different way.

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