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How does Compound manage risks from volatile financial trends like cryptocurrency or DeFi which can harm the brand and customers?

Jordan Gonen

Co-founder & CEO at Compound

I'll say it clearly—we at Compound are not magicians with crystal balls capable of seeing the future.

I think some financial platforms (old and new) position themselves as the "oracles above" and it creates a whole mess of problems like you are describing.

I view our job primarily instead to be the place that helps you understand the implications of decisions you may make. as granularly as you'd like. We help you tackle these questions both technically and psychologically and then help you understand how many other people in your boat have made this decision.

Throughout the process, though, we like to help you see and be comfortable with both the upside and downside scenarios. We do also help you get access to things (and we focus especially on things that may be less correlated with your concentrated risk). We'll never pressure anyone to invest in any particular vehicle. We view this as a really long term relationship (decades or longer hopefully) and are committed to supporting our clients' growth.

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