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How does Calixa fit into the tech ecosystem of other data automation tools like Census and Hightouch?

Thomas Schiavone

Co-founder and CEO at Calixa

Oh, for sure. We have customers doing that today. First of all, there are plenty of other tools besides Calixa in this world, and the warehouse is a treasure trove. So it makes sense to want to pump it to those tools as well. However, we can say, "Hey, you can easily get set up on Calixa and directly connected and build your objects. It's easy breezy. Don't worry about it."

If you want to use Census or Hightouch because you prefer that one centralized place to do your syncs, sure. I'm not going to drive a hard and fast line. I think we can offer a better experience that's tailored to Calixa -- just around how you build out your objects and do the syncing and all that sort of stuff. But I'm open to either approach. For me, I want to offer customers maximum flexibility from a data ingestion perspective. It should be easy. Whatever's easy for them, I'm happy to support.

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