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How can Compound assist an early stage startup employee whose net worth is mostly in stock options?

Jordan Gonen

Co-founder & CEO at Compound

We can help in a few ways. We tend to think about people as investors of their time and money and they want a return. That return can be money, but can also be things like fun, learning, impact, prestige, etc. Our job at Compound is to help you build a personal investment strategy so that you can fulfill your desired return. We can't promise returns, but we can help you see the different scenarios.

Compound begins by cataloging a complete inventory of a client’s assets and liabilities, including startup equity, fund investments, angel investments, crypto, real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts—everything.

They’re desperate for a solution that gives them a complete picture, particularly with regards to their stock options. They immediately want help with their most important decisions, like "Should I exercise my NSOs?”, and feel equipped when armed with advice and complete data.

Client profiles are kept continuously updated through custom integrations with products like Shareworks and Carta, alerting clients of important events such as 409A increases and QSBS timelines. The Document Vault serves as the client’s information hub—the single source of truth for all financial information and legal documents. Everything from 83(b) certificates to K—1s.

Clients walk away from their onboarding having learnt something about their financial situation and they build confidence that Compound is the right partner to entrust with their most important financial decisions.

Finally, each client has an advisor as their point of contact. While the typical client-advisor CFP relationship is centered around retirement, Compound’s clients are not. Its financial managers are experienced advisors who understand the emotional and technical nuances of a career in startups. They provide tactical recommendations, facilitate product implementation, and are providing constant feedback to the engineering and product teams.

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